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Over the years, we've encountered many people who have been disappointed by inferior painting services. Nearly everyone we meet has a story. From peeling and flaking paint, cracks appearing, colour dullness and paint splatter where it just shouldn't be, to an overall disatisfaction for the work carried out in a person's home or work space.


Knowing people need the exact opposite kind of experience, we have established a business which aims to give people what is sorely needed in Painting and Decorating Services. 


We offer tailored quotations and take the time to discuss your needs with you. Flexibility is built in to our quotations, where we discuss budgets, time-lines and expectations. We work together to build a good relationship where you feel like you can raise any questions with us at any stage of the project.


Everything we do is with the highest quality in mind. you can be assured of a business which provides you with integrity, reliability and passion in all that we do.

About the Founder

"I am a painter who understands that taking the utmost care of peoples homes is fundamental to the success of my trade. My own skills are built upon the traditional approach of careful preparation of surfaces, and selecting paint products which are unique to the needs of the project.


I was born and raised in London, and gained my qualifications through the City & Guilds. I refined my craft over the next 20 years, by working on heritage listed and period homes in London and throughout the UK. 


It's so important to me to provide my clients with a transparent process all the way through. From the initial quotation to the conclusion of the project, whilst tailoring our advice and services to meet each person's unique needs.


Painting is my passion, and I can't wait to share it with you."


Alex Boden - founder of The Artful Decorator




Our services cover interior and exterior residential painting, where you will see a difference in our paint finishes through their lustrous colour and the finesse in the finish.


We bring a significant amount of colour expertise to our projects, from initial colour consults to on the wall sampling, custom-colours, and can design colour schemes which range in size from one room to the entire premises.


Our wallpapering services provide you with a complete process, where we remove the old wallpaper from the site, prepare a smooth surface, and ensure your new wallpaper is installed seamlessly.


We repair wallpaper through splicing replacements for water-damaged and scuffed areas, ripped and torn sections.

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